What Is The Illuminati?

Essentially, the illuminati is an ancient secret society that consists of a small group of ‘elite’ bloodline families and individuals, who, through their various institutions of control manipulate and exert a huge malevolent influence over world events to serve their own selfish ends, unbeknown to the vast majority.

Who Are The Illuminati?

The illuminati is made up of a small clique of ruling families that only interbreed with one another in order to keep their bloodlines ‘closed’. Some of these so called ‘elite’ families names have changed over the centuries in order to help conceal who’s in control of what but some of the more obvious controlling families that are, or have almost certainly been tied to the secret society, include the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Warburgs and the Windsors, to name but a few.

What Does ‘Illuminati’ Mean?

The term ‘illuminati’ fundamentally means ‘the illuminated ones’ and refers to the fact that it’s members believe they have been granted access to some higher knowledge or knowing that those below them are not deserving of or capable of comprehending, hence the need to keep it secret.

What Does The Illuminati Pyramid & All Seeing Eye Mean?

The illuminati pyramid and the all seeing eye that have become synonymous with the secret society, while both can stand for other things, to the illuminati, represent their control of and omnipresence over the masses. The pyramid represents the model of control for human enslavement they employ with only the few at the top knowing what’s truly going on, while the all seeing eye signifies the fact that despite their relatively small numbers, the illuminati, through their extensive institutions of control, can see all and therefore know all.

Can I Join The Illuminati?

No, there is no way to effectively be granted access into the illuminati without being born into one of the few select ‘closed’ bloodlines. You can, if you manage to reach a certain position of influence or authority within society, become a cold-hearted servant, or puppet of the illuminati in return for fame or fortune, as we see with many of the familiar individuals repeatedly paraded in front of the masses, yet why anyone would want to do such a thing is beyond those who don’t live thier lives in a constant state of fear.

How Powerful Are The Illuminati?

This depends on how you define the word ‘powerful’. In the true sense of the word, the illuminati are no more powerful than you or I and are in fact probably less powerful as they act out of fear and feel the perverse and unnatural need to dominate others in order to secure their own selfish survival. In terms of the influence they exert over the world through their various illusory institutions of control that the people still unfortunately give credence to however, the illuminati are incredibly powerful.

How Many People Are In The Illuminati?

Compared to the rest of the global population, the illuminati represent only a minute fraction of it. Some speak of 13 ancient ruling bloodlines at the peak of the hierarchical pyramid of control with a few hundred further close-knit associations, yet regardless of the exact number, in the grand scheme of things, there are relatively very few individuals operating within the illuminati and that is their major weakness.

How Do The Illuminati Keep Their Existence A Secret?

The illuminati know that they can never fool all of the people and that there is always going to be a rogue element that know of their existence, yet so long as the majority can be kept in ignorance, that is all that matters. They utilise their mainstream media propaganda outlets to subconsciously mould the minds of the masses and they fill our lives with meaningless distraction to divert attention away from the things that truly matter. This, along with a controlled so called ‘education’, which is really indoctrination, creates a hive mind in which anyone who speaks out against the ‘norm’ is ridiculed and labelled in such a manner as to deter others from questioning the status quo. In this respect, the illuminati cleverly have the people policing themselves, which is the best form of security they possibly could wish for.

Are The Illuminati Satanists?

Yes, the illuminati have always been practicing satanists. The God they worship and believe they received their higher knowing from is not the same benevolent God that much of the rest of the world believes in. They secretly worship the devil and in order to honour and appease ‘him’, they place satanic imagery and symbolism in much of accepted society, take part in sacrificial blood rituals and use their extensive influence to shape the world into a living hell, of which their believed demiurge would be proud.

Do The Illuminati Practice The Occult?

Yes, again the illuminati have always been practitioners of the occult as for them it ties in with their satanic beliefs. The use of occult black magick in their eyes, allows them to keep the masses hoodwinked, while simultaneously remaining open to their subconscious satanic suggestion and this is one of the reasons why so much occult symbolism is repeatedly placed in front of us.

Are The Illuminati Evil?

The illuminati would appear to be evil yes, however, a more appropriate means of describing their predispositions would be that they lack the critical emotions of empathy and compassion that the rest of us naturally possess, due to their intentional close inbreeding which ensures that they can continue to rule and dominate without feeling.

Do The Illuminati Control The Entertainment Industry?

The illuminati do not ‘control’ the entire entertainment industry as there are plenty of artists and individuals working independently of them, yet they exert a huge influence over the popular and more commercial aspects of the entertainment industry and it is these aspects of the business that the vast majority of people are exposed to on a daily basis.

What Are The Illuminati’s Main Objectives?

The illuminati ultimately want a new world order complete with a one world government, a single, cashless currency and a global army policing an ignorant, dumbed down and microchipped population that is linked to a powerful central control computer. This further and final consolidation of power will guarantee the illuminati’s future rule and will ravage 99% of the worlds riches, resources and value and place it all firmly in their hands forever, creating a living hell for the majority left to slave for the remaining 1%. Those aware of the illuminati’s agenda can see it unfolding by the day and it has now become a race to awaken those around them, before the illuminati succeed in fully implementing it.

What Can We Do About The Illuminati?

The best thing we can do is to raise awareness. Share posts like this with friends, family and colleagues and try and sympathetically help those around you to see how the world as it is being presented by the illuminati, is an illusion. While this can admittedly be an arduous and often thankless task, it’s now being made allot easier by the fact that the illuminati and their corrupt institutions of control are beginning to crumble before our very eyes, meaning that droves of people all over the planet are becoming far more receptive to the concept of the men behind the curtain. We the people outnumber those in covert control vastly and once that awareness reaches a critical mass, there will be little the illuminati can do to prevent their exposure and subsequent demise

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